Huge Update!


I have a huge update for you!

XMD Update


Firstly I have added a new Brush collection. This one includes the newest 4 Premium sets! This gives you the latest premium brush sets at 50% of the price! This collection also includes my Zbrush Brush Creation Tutorial. 45 minutes of awesome learning! đŸ™‚

XMD New Brush Collection

I just released several massive texture sets absolutely free! In total there are 1374 textures!

I have also added an old collection of 3D Coat Brushes that Phil Nolan created from my original free set years ago. These are also free!

XMD 3D Coat Brushes

Now for a limited time, the Pattern Layer Brushes are now free as well. These are some awesome hard surface pattern brushes!

XMD Wall Panel Sci-Fi Brushes

I am working on a few new items now that should be available soon. This includes a new skin set, creature set and terrain photogrammetry set! One of these will be subscription only. Just not sure which one yet.

I am also working on a webinar that will be coming soon. It is too early to give details, but I will keep in touch đŸ™‚

If you haven’t taken advantage of the XMD Subscription, check it out. Everything I make is included in the low monthly cost of $5. I release at least 1 subscription only set every month and a premium set each month. You will also receive every tutorial I make in the future.

XMD Membership Subscription

Over the next few weeks, I will be updating all of my banners to match each other. If I do any updates on the brushes themselves, I will specify in each and if you have already purchased them or downloaded them in the past you will get an email update.

I have had a few requests to be an affiliate. If you would like to be an affiliate I will set up a link for you to share and you will receive 50% of every sale that comes from your link. Just email me and let me know if you would like to become one.