Afghan Terrain – CryEngine 3 – Michael Dunnam – 3D Environment Artistmdunnam

This terrain was created entirely in CryEngine 3. This is a collaborative piece created with a team of 3. It was created for demo use at I-ITSEC. This terrain was used in 3 Scenarios.

In the first scenario, you are part of a team that arrives at this town. When you arrive, you are immediately engaged by insurgents. Your team disembarks the HMMWV and pursues the insurgents. You immediately notice possible IEDs in the dirt. After disarming the IEDs you are engaged once again by insurgents.

In the second scenario, you are part of a team that is called to this town after a gas attack. You arrive to find many bodies at the site. Once deciding to investigate further, you venture into the town. You engage enemy targets. After the targets are neutralized more gas grenades are deployed by the enemy into the town. This is a test to see if the trainee is wearing his mask.

The third scenario was a popup target course.

This was a team environment creation.

Duties include:

  • Modeling (Shared)
  • Texturing (Shared)
  • Lighting
  • Terrain Sculpting
  • AI
  • Navigation
  • Scripting
  • Pathing

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3D Environment Artist – Michael Dunnam