No Experience Required!


Dream Big!

You might have big dreams that you are going to work at Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Bungie, or Blizzard. I totally agree with you. Shoot as high as you can! But then you need to reel it back a bit and think realistically. Working at one of these studios 99% of the time is going to require at least a few years of experience, unless you are some 3D prodigy (probably not the case).

So how do you find a job that requires experience with no experience? This truly is the question every single new graduate faces at graduation in pretty much any field. The truth of the matter is, you are almost certainly not going to land a job at Pixar right out of school. Although many of the great high end studios do have internship programs. But keep in mind there are 100s of other artists that also want that internship. This doesn’t mean to give up and not give it a shot. Go for it! You might be exactly what they have been searching for.

Now I know you’ve heard that studios do not hire based on degrees or experience and yes sometimes this is true. Then you go searching online for that dream position, but every site you go to has a requirements list similar to the Blizzard one below.

Blizzard Requirements

Of course you can get a job at Blizzard, Pixar or some other huge company, but usually not right out of school or with no schooling or experience. Start out small. Search locally for a commercial studio, a small startup, or even the local TV Station. Starting out your main goal is to get a job, get experience, make connections. You will start to build contacts and experience that will make you less invisible to major studios.

You can also take courses at Gnomon and CGWorkshop to gain connections. They are usually taught by industry professionals that you may have even heard of before. Take a look at Wikipedia’s Entertainment Companies of the US list, or the gamedev map. If you aren’t in the US there are lists for other countries as well. See what is in your local area and start from there.

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them! Comment below and let’s start a conversation!

Be Inspired,