XMD Lifetime Membership 50% off! And some Updates.

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Until Sunday 7/31, the first 50 people to register will get the XMD Lifetime Membership at 50% off! It’s a 50/50 deal! Then this deal will disappear.


To alleviate any confusion, there is NO coupon. I have changed the actual price on Gumroad to reflect the 50% off price at $48. Sometimes there are issues with the coupon codes. So I took this step out.

You well get an awesome behind the scenes look at what’s coming up in the private Facebook group. You will get a sneak peak at the soon to be released MASSIVE Monster Mash IMM set. As well as several huge photogrammetry sets. These sets have taken months to make and they are almost ready! All sets are always included at no extra cost to XMD members, as well as the members only exclusive sets. Some of the monster sets will be member exclusive! These 50 spots will go quick and may not last until Sunday. So grab yours now!

In case you are curious or haven’t heard, the membership includes everything I make for Gumroad, current and future. You can simply log in and download everything I have on the entire site.

The Monster Mash set will be previewed soon and I will be asking for Beta users on the Membership Facebook page. I will also be looking for artists that can record use of it in ZBrush. This will go into the XMD Gallery on michaeldunnam.com.

Also If anyone is interested, I am creating a Gallery on my website for anyone that has work they would like to display and have used XMD Brushes in some way. I already have several artists going into the XMD Gallery. The gallery will be on my website, which generates quite a lot of traffic. If you would like to submit some 3D art using some of the XMD Brushes, I am still accepting entries. Full credit of your work will be displayed and any other information you wish: Name, Website, Description etc. Email if you are interested. mdunnam@gmail.com

Below is a list of some of what is included!

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group!
  • Subscription 8 Piece Monster Set 01
  • Subscription 4 Random Drag Brushes
  • Subscription 7 Piece Terrain Set 01
  • Subscription 5 Piece Terrain Set 02
  • Subscription 9 Piece Wood Set 01
  • Subscription 5 Piece Terrain Set 03
  • Subscription 7 Piece Crack Set 01 (includes Substance Painter Brushes)
  • Subscription 5 Piece Architectural Set 01
  • Subscription 7 Piece Random Brushes Set 02
  • Premium Skin Set 01
  • Premium Skin Set 02
  • Premium Arch Set 01
  • Premium Terrain Set 01
  • Premium Stroke Set 01
  • Premium XMD/KFJR Screw & Bolt Set
  • Premium Crack Set 1001
  • Premium Creature Set 1
  • Premium Creature Set 2
  • All Texture Sets
  • My How to Make Zbrush Brushes Tutorial
  • And MORE!