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Kungfujackrabbit Studio work:

I’ve produced HDRI for a number of years now and I’m happy to say Im releasing multiple sets of HDRI as well as revisiting some of the locations I have made HDRI light probes from in the past. Several include ones like the fields from the tutorial I made for Digital Tutors and several locations in Atlanta and Los Angeles. All of these will be included in the kungfujackrabbit Studio subscription. Look for HDRI, Shaders, light caps, Zbrush custom brushes all in the Store area of the site here. store

HDRI for VFX “a short history”

Around 2004, I began making chrome ball reflection maps and it evolved over time to be High Dynamic Range images (HDRI) for the purpose of lighting 3D scenes for rendering and animation. By 2009, I had began to share the libraries of probes I had created. Around 2011, I shared the techniques on how I was creating the lighting setup through a tutorial I created for Digital Tutors. During the creation of that tutorial, I was at a turning point moving from photographing large chrome balls to using a fish eye lens to capture the light of a scene more efficiently. Since that point, I have refined many of my creation processes for creating HDRI over the past 5 years. At a point around 2013, I began capturing with the needs of VFX and compositing in mind for distribution. So today we are up to the point where I am releasing, and will continue to release HDRI from locations all over the world. There will be options to then bundle these HDRI with accompanying video and textures to allow anyone, from professional to hobbyist, to create a fully complete visual effects shot at a highly professional level. As an example, there are locations that are in Singapore, half way around the world, from where I live and work everyday. And in this location there is not only HD film/video, but also RED camera, super high resolution film footage. That is some great content that isn’t easy for everyone to secure. So I offer it for a fee and this allows users to increase their production value at a fraction the cost. Think about the cost of traveling to these locations and purchasing or renting the equipment to film. Also the knowledge of how to run that RED equipment isn’t easy. But now I bring these easy to use materials all together for you to download and use! Please visit the store and look through all the materials. There are free and paid packages as well.