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Thank you for your interest in being part of the XMD ToolBox beta! In order to join the beta, you will need to have an XMD Life-Time Membership. (Details below) Beta will run as long as we need it to, to make sure the functionality of the XMD ToolBox is sound, stable, and what YOU, the user wants. We want this plugin to be as awesome as humanly possible. There are some limitations, but we are trying desperately to overcome them. Please while in beta, if you find any bugs, report them. This will help us tremendously. If you have any feature requests or layout issues, let us know about those as well. You will find a link to the left to report and request! Have fun with this beta, as well will work tirelessly to create the ultimate plugin! There are so many features we intend on adding. This is only the beginning. While in beta, we will be pushing updates. I recommend exporting your database routinely to make sure you do not lose any customization you have made. We may push out features that clear the database to add new features. As always, Enjoy and have fun!

XMD Life-Time Membership

In order to join beta you will need an XMD Life-Time Membership, which you can grab here

If you would like some detailed information about XMD you can check that out here.