Monster Mash Announcement!


And so it begins. I have been talking for a while about creating a game from scratch. This blog is going to be about just that. It will be posted as a new blog set. I am just debuting it on my CG Blog.  We are going to chronicle the entire making of our game “Monster Mash” (working title, but we kind of like it). I will be working on it with my good friend, Johnny Renquist. Soon we will also be setting up a Patreon site. This blog will be continuously updated to show our progress. We will also blog everything we do right, and possibly more importantly, our mistakes. As a matter of fact, we will especially post any mistake we make along the way and show you how we overcame it. Both Johnny and I have worked on games, and the like, for the better part of 10+ years. We have decided to go with Construct 2 as our engine after a bit of deliberation and testing. The cost is low and it’s quite easy to create the type of game we have decided on. We are also working without a programmer, which as any artist/dev knows, can be heaven or a nightmare, if you aren’t one yourself. We both have extensive experience on several game engines, but very little 2-D game engine experience. Although the concept is still the same. Once we start to monetize our development on Patreon, our subscribers/Patrons will get very special treatment. Here are a few things you can expect to find on Patreon. These are just a few ideas and they are in no way set in stone, until we get the site up.

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Monthly Reward Possibilities

  • Access to our behind the scenes blog pages.
  • Google + Q&A sessions
  • Concept Art (signed)
  • Be a part of the development! Your ideas will be strongly considered for inclusion in the game.
  • Have a character designed after you!
  • Name a Level.
  • Be in the game credits.
  • Timelapsed videos of us working.

Milestone Reward Possibilities

  • T-Shirts
  • iOS Port
  • Android Port
  • Multiplayer
  • Tournament Website

Right now, we are in the very early stages of development. My next post in a few days will announce the premise of the game and show a little art. Here a little concept art teaser. I have also set up a paypal donation for those who wish to get in and assist before our Patreon site goes live. All of these donations will get a special prize when we go live. These will also be converted to Patreon donations as well. We will give you the option of going a month-to-month subscriber or just a one time patron.

And with that, I will leave you with some awesome Concept art created by Johnny




Stay Tuned!


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