XMD Challenge Rulesmdunnam


Rules and Requirements

  • XMD Brushes must be used in your sculpt. During the contest the XMD Membership will be $23! However, it is not a requirement to have the membership.
  • ZBrush must be used during your environment/scene creation. You can use it to sculpt textures, normals, etc. It does not have to be the only software used for creation of your piece.
  • Any renderer can be used for your final piece. You can use a high-end renderer such as V-Ray or Arnold. You can take another approach and use a real-time game engine, such as Unreal or CryEngine. You are not limited to these examples. However, your final submission must be a stillshot at 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • The Submission must not, in whole or in part, infringe the copyright, trade-mark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights of, or defame, any person or entity.
  • You must register through michaeldunnam.com/XMD_Challenge_Register before the entry deadline, Oct 17th 2016 11:59PM PST, in order to be able to submit your final work.
  • You can begin working on your piece immediately after registration. The sooner you register, the more time you have to work on your piece.
  • Every entrant must show work in progress on the predesignated Polycount Forum for this challenge.
  • You must show a minimum of 4 work in progress (WIP) images during the course of the contest.
  • No teams, groups or collaborations. Every part of the submission must be made by 1 single person.
  • You can sign your work, but please do not watermark it.
  • Submission must be the entrant’s own work, created solely by the entrant and not derived in whole or part from any third party’s work, and entrant must have the legal right and any permissions necessary to submit the submission into the competition.
  • The submission must be created as original art for the purpose of the contest. This means that any art that was created before the starting date of the contest will be disqualified from participating and removed from submissions.
  • You may enter both categories, Environment & Character. However, you may only have 1 entry per category.
  • Images depicting offensive content (i.e. racial, political, religious or anything deemed offensive) will be automatically disqualified based on the sole discretion of XMD & Kungfujackrabbit Studio.
  • There will be no entries accepted past the official posted deadline. There will be no exceptions.
  • The Official XMD Challenge Judge panel’s chosen winners cannot be disputed.
  • XMD & Kungfujackrabbit Studio reserve the rights to suspend, shorten, modify or cancel the challenge, including these rules, in any manner at its sole discretion with or without prior notice.
  • All entries can be used, without further consent, as advertisement within XMDAcademy, MichaelDunnam.com & Kungfujackrabbit Studio for promotional purposes. Entry into the contest will be treated as giving consent. Chosen final images will be used on www.michaeldunnam.com and within XMD Academy, in the XMD Gallery.

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