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Welcome! My name is Michael Dunnam. I am a 3D Environment Artist, Blogger of hopefully inspirational things, husband and father, ZBrush enthusiast, Photogrammetry Tinkerer, and creator of the XMD Brushes. Come on in and take a look around. I am getting back into writing on my blog again. You can check it out here. My next post will be an introduction post to using my XMD Brushes in ZBrush. I am also currently working on an EBook for ZBrush. If you would like to receive updates when I made a new blog post, hit the subscribe button with your info. If you would like to check out my XMD ZBrush brushes, as well as my ZBrush tutorial and textures, you can head over to my Gumroad.

Right now I am running a promotion for my entire Gumroad collection, The Lifetime XMD Membership. If you use the link here, you can get another $6 off of the currently running promotion. https://gum.co/CrNxU/only30xmd. You will also receive lifetime access to my Members only XMD private facebook group. If you have purchased a membership, even if you cancelled, and have not received an invite, please let me know!

Below is a list of some of what is included!

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group!
  • Subscription 8 Piece Monster Set 01
  • Subscription 4 Random Drag Brushes
  • Subscription 7 Piece Terrain Set 01
  • Subscription 5 Piece Terrain Set 02
  • Subscription 9 Piece Wood Set 01
  • Subscription 5 Piece Terrain Set 03
  • Subscription 7 Piece Crack Set 01 (includes Substance Painter Brushes)
  • Subscription 5 Piece Architectural Set 01
  • Subscription 7 Piece Random Brushes Set 02
  • Premium Skin Set 01
  • Premium Skin Set 02
  • Premium Arch Set 01
  • Premium Terrain Set 01
  • Premium Stroke Set 01
  • Premium XMD/KFJR Screw & Bolt Set
  • Premium Crack Set 1001
  • Premium Creature Set 1
  • Premium Creature Set 2
  • All Texture Sets
  • My How to Make Zbrush Brushes Tutorial
  • And MORE!









3D Environment Artist – Michael Dunnam

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