Michael Dunnam's Portfolio

Welcome to my Portfolio Site! Also home of the XMD Brushes for Zbrush.


I do apologize for my absence for a bit. I have been working on a few things. I will have a very exciting update for Monster Mash very soon! I will also be looking for a few artists soon to help out. I’ll be looking for a zbrush proficient, 3D printing character artist as well as possibly someone who can sew stuffed animals. Contact me if you are interested!

I will jump back on my blog soon. It has taken a back road to a few other projects, but it has not gone away.

In other news. I just recently released my first video tutorial! This one covers Brush creation in Zbrush/Photoshop. Please be gentle, this is my first video tutorial. :)

Thanks for Stopping by!

Below you will find all of my work in one place. You can also check the portfolio link above to read information about each piece.

Enjoy! More coming soon!

3D Environment Artist – Michael Dunnam