New World - Covenant Faction Enclave

Covenant Faction Enclave

On New World's Anniversary Release, I was responsible for providing Art Direction for my team in world building (block-out to final), props, modular kits, and assets for the Faction Enclaves in Everfall.

I am honored to have worked with an amazing team of artists at Lost Boys Interactive (listed below) and together we created an incredible POI, alongside the talented artists at Amazon Game Studios.

As the Associate Art Director, I touched on multiple aspects of development including; gray-boxing, art direction, coaching and mentoring, art management, asset tracking and scheduling.

Additional modeling and POI support for Covenant Enclave by (LBI):

Clement Kirton
World Art / POI / Set Dressing

Dan White
Concept Art

Steph Chu
World Art / POI / Set Dressing

Kat Read
Lighting Artist

Jonathan Baker
Kit Building / Assets